Quick Tip Tuesday: April 22 – Quick Changes and Short Runs with Digital Postcard Printing

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Busy realtors always have a new listing, open house, or home sale to promote. That means you need to be able to change postcard designs and content often without ending up with stacks of unusable, bulk-run mail pieces. You also need to get things printed and out to your sphere of influence at lightning speed.

Because digital printing allows for small quantity print runs, you can make changes to your direct mail design and messaging as needed, and quickly print the exact amount you want to mail. No muss and no fuss, with less waste and less expense.

If you are currently using offset printing and are wondering what the difference is between offset and digital, check out this post.

Designing Postcards: Offset Printing vs Digital Printing

Quick Tip Tuesday: April 15 – Don’t Neglect Past Clients

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You just helped a young couple find their dream home and they are ecstatic! No need to market to them anymore, right? They’ll definitely remember you and the excellent home buying experience you provided when it comes time to sell…or maybe not. According to today’s tip, they (and you) may benefit from some reminders along the way, so don’t neglect them!

95% of home buyers who receive periodic postcards from their real estate agents use the same agent when it comes time to sell. Postcards are an integral part of your marketing mix. Be sure you utilize them to maximize your profits.

Quick Tip Tuesday: April 8 – Sustainable Lead Generation for Real Estate

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Whether you’re just getting started with real estate postcard marketing or you’re a seasoned pro, this week’s tip from Gary Keller’s book The Millionaire Real Estate Agent is timeless advice.

Build and sustain a solid lead generation program that emphasizes frequency and consistency, focused on leveraging your selling listings as the core theme. Turn one sale into multiple sales through direct mail pieces of added value every 21 days followed by notes, phone calls and face-to-face meetings.

We’d love to hear from you! How have you made your real estate postcard marketing efforts sustainable for lead generation? Any tips or tricks you’d be willing to share?

Mystery Solved: Smudges on Real Estate Postcards

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Have you ever seen smudges and scuff marks on the postcards you’ve either received in the mail or mailed out to market your real estate business? It’s not an uncommon phenomenon, but the reason behind the smudges is rarely explained and can leave marketers frustrated due to lack of information. If you’re curious to find out how this happens, check out the quick video below that takes you through the real estate postcard marketing print and mail process.

YouTube Preview Image


For even more information, check out this post: Why Do Some of My Mailed Postcards Have Smudges or Scuff Marks?

Still have questions? Leave them as a comment below – we’re happy to help!

Quick Tip Tuesday: April 1 – Set It and Forget It

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Today’s tip from Eric Cosway, EVP and CMO of QuantumDigital, is for those super busy, on-the-go realtors out there. So…pretty much all of you. Whether you are always away from the office at showings or open houses, or you simply just don’t have time to consistently market your listings and services, these tips may just be the ticket.

Use QuantumDigital’s AutoMail scheduling feature to set up and automate your marketing for the next 12 months. This and other set it and forget it features are effective tools to keep your messages consistent and timely.

Check out the QCards iPhone App that allows you to start a postcard marketing campaign from out in the field. One way to use it while you’re out and about is to generate some For Sale By Owner listings. Simply take a picture of the house/yard sign of a For Sale By Owner property in your target neighborhoods and send the owner a personalized postcard recommending your service and expertise. True one-to-one marketing in action.

Quick Tip Tuesday: March 25 – Stand Out in the Mailbox

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In any small business, decisions about paid promotion often end up in a toss up between saving pennies by going small (but getting something out there), and going big to stand out. This is especially true for solopreneurs, including real estate professionals. With just a bit of advanced planning, this week’s tip allows you to have your cake and eat it, too.

Bigger formats simply work better. Instead of a standard postcard format (4.25″ by 5.5″), use a jumbo (5.5″ by 8.5″) or panoramic (5.75″ by 11″), which traditionally pull a higher response rate. You can make up the cost difference by sending these over-sized cards by standard mail instead of first class.

If you’re the type to always play it safe when it comes to your real estate postcard campaigns, try something new this month. Take a different direction than the rest and stand out in the mailbox.

Quick Tip Tuesday: March 18 – Time for Spring Cleaning

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Spring is upon us, so it’s the perfect time to do some spring cleaning…of your postcard mailing list, that is! When was the last time you took a good look at your list? If you are wondering why it’s important, consider today’s advice:

Your list is the most important ingredient to the success of your direct mailer. The offer or call to action is the second most important element. Want to grow your list? Consider doing some joint postcard marketing with a local business that compliments yours – including their logo/name and signature offer. That way, you not only share contacts, but costs as well. 

Quick Tip Tuesday: March 11 – Make it Free

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Realtors: does offering something for “free” scare you? Hopefully today’s tip from Secrets of Successful Direct Mail will make you reconsider the idea of offering something for free in your next real estate postcard marketing campaign.

There is no stronger word in copy than FREE. Such as a FREE market report, FREE home improvement kit or FREE market analysis.

Please keep in mind that ‘free’ is much more powerful than ‘almost free’ or ‘reduced’ when it comes to an offer. This is based on the Law of Reciprocity: when you do something for someone, they will feel obliged or inspired to do something for you in return.

You tell us: how have you used free offers in your campaigns? Leave some examples in the comments section – we’d love to hear from you!

Quick Tip Tuesday: March 4 – Spring Forward 2014

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Need an excuse to reach out to your real estate farming list or sphere of influence? This week Eric Cosway, EVP and CMO of QuantumDigital, offers you a very timely tip to do just that.

Send your SOI reminders to adjust their clocks (spring forward and fall back). This is a great way to keep your name, brand and contact information relevant and top of mind.

2014 spring forward happens this Sunday March 9. Using a multi-channel marketing strategy (email, social media, postcards, etc), touch base with your list to remind them it’s to move clocks ahead. Also, start planning your “fall back” strategy now – time flies so it will be here before you know it!

Quick Tip Tuesday: February 25 – Be Laser Focused

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postcard messaging QuantumDigitalAs a follow up to last week’s tip, we thought it important to share this one with you. Keeping your postcard message simple is a key concept, but we hope today’s tip from Richard Benson’s Secrets of Successful Direct Mail will go one step further to keep you from making a messaging mistake we see far too often. Try it out and see if your real estate postcard campaign performs even better!

You cannot sell 2 core ideas in the same mailer.  Always focus on 1 core idea only.

Keep your postcard marketing recipients laser focused on the one action you want them to take, and avoid leaving them guessing what you want them to do.