Quick Tip Tuesday: July 29 – Twitter for Realtors

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Ever wonder how you can use Twitter to brand yourself as a realtor?

Watch this short video to learn how Twitter can help you as a realtor or other small business owner become the go-to person in your industry.

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Need help with Facebook? Check out this post.

How to Use Direct Mail Postcards to Promote a Day Care Facility

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Day care facilities face a rather unique set of circumstances when it comes to marketing themselves to prospective clients. Like any business, they need to present themselves in a positive light, in a way which appeals to the needs of customers. However there are also extra challenges which have to be overcome if the center is to succeed.

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Reaching the Affluent Millennial Using Direct Mail Postcards

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The affluent Millennial is young, trendy and has lots of spare cash to spend. With an income of over $100,000, these under-30s keep a relatively low profile: they don’t boast about their wealth, which is probably why most people would be surprised to hear that, in this difficult economy, according to Forbes there are 11.8 million US households with an affluent Millennial living within them.

Because young people in this group don’t throw money around or conspicuously spend, marketers can find them difficult to identify. They may look and dress like their less wealthy counterparts and socialize in the same spaces. So, how can this group of spenders be reached?

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Get Your Business Cards to Stand Out

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Your business cards can be the first impression others get about you and your small business. Making your cards stand out is crucial for increasing your lead generation, reputation and profitability. Print collateral will always play a role in small business marketing, and business cards are the cornerstone tool used. Developing one that stands out takes time, effort and a total understanding of your business brand and image.

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How to Use Direct Mail to Promote a Dental Office

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Dental Postcard Marketing - Springwater DentalAs with many other types of medically-oriented businesses, effective dental marketing and medical marketing takes a number of different forms. The best rate of success typically occurs when several different strategies are combined to provide targeted marketing to those people who are most likely to need the services of a dentist. While almost every dentist office has a website these days, marketing using print materials, either in conjunction with a website or as a stand alone strategy, brings about a great rate of return.

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Exciting Company News: The Launch of QuantumPostcards™

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QuantumDigital is pleased to announce the launch of our new quick-order platform, QuantumPostcards™!

QuantumPostcards is a simple, online storefront that takes the hassle out of direct mail postcard marketing and on-demand printing. In a matter of minutes you can generate high-quality postcard mailers and printed materials that go out the door next-business-day.

See our press release for full details and watch this quick video overview for a walkthrough.

Please enjoy this promo code to help you get started!

$10 off one order of $40 or more*. Expires February 23, 2013.

*One-time use, cannot be combined with other offers. Excludes shipping and tax.

Get started at: quantumpostcards.com

Need more inspiration and advice? Visit the QuantumPostcards Idea Center for marketing best practice tips to help grow your business.

QuantumDigital Teams Up with MarketSharp

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For those of you in the remodeling and home services businesses, we’re excited to tell you that QuantumDigital has teamed up with MarketSharp, a web-based, contact tracking and business management solution for remodeling and home service professionals. Now, MarketSharp customers can easily export their contacts directly from MarketSharp (or choose a new list of prospects on-the-go) and push them to a custom QuantumDigital portal, MarketSharp Mail for fast, turnkey direct mail marketing.

We’ve had a long-standing relationship with MarketSharp, but have now fully integrated QuantumDigital’s direct mail marketing services with theirs. This integration will enhance MarketSharp’s marketing capabilities through the use of QuantumDigital’s robust direct mail and print programs. MarketSharp customers will gain more warm leads by leveraging automation, personalization, and better targeting of direct mail campaigns – all done online.

In a recent press release issued by MarketSharp regarding this integration, Tim Musch, MarketSharp’s director of business development, was quoted as saying “The word on the street is always ‘How to generate MORE leads!’  Through the use of direct mail programs and innovative automation technologies, we are helping customers diversify their lead generation channels to reach prospects in new ways and follow up faster than ever before.”

Check out the full press release for additional details.


How To: Create a Video Demonstrating Company Culture

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What’s the first thing you think of when I say, “Zappos?” Shoes? Fair enough. Okay, what’s the second thing? (Hint: it rhymes with “vulture”) Yes! It’s “culture!” Zappos has one of the best, most fun, positive and productive corporate cultures of any company in the world today. Now, for my next question: How did you find out about Zappos amazing company culture?

I fully expect an overwhelming number of you to say “video” — whether it be a video on the official Zappos web site, a repost of a repost on YouTube or Facebook, or as part of a news feature sometime in the past 6 years or so. At any rate, video played a big part in getting the word out about how cool their company culture is, which in turn created a certain perception of the company in the minds of its customers, potential customers, employees, prospective employees, and caused other businesses to take a long, hard look at their own company cultures to see if they could emulate Zappos and grab some of that magic for themselves. Easier said than done, to be sure. Read More »

How to Use Limited Time and Budget to Generate Leads

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Some small business owners aspire to become the next Apple or other big corporation, while others simply pursue the revenue and stability that comes as a result of owning the market in their local area. Small businesses thrive on the next big idea and tend to set very high goals, but these things mean nothing if nobody knows a business exists in the market it serves. Fortunately, by keeping a narrow focus and leveraging some of the latest mobile technologies, small business owners that service specific markets can turn a few dollars – and a just little bit of time – into a lot of qualified leads.

Clearly define your target market
One of the best ways local-market-focused small businesses, such as remodelers, interior designers, and realtors, can get great response from a small budget direct mail campaign is to clearly define their audience. Now, you might be saying to yourself, this is nothing new. You also might be saying you’ve already done that, and that your audience is, of course, homeowners. Great! Let’s compare two hypothetical direct mail campaign scenarios and see which business you’d rather be. Read More »

How To Create A Marketing Plan

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Hi folks! In this video blog, I’m talking about how to create a small business marketing plan and the importance of focusing on your customer’s needs. Leave a comment below and let me know how your marketing plan is shaping up. Thanks!

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