Quick Tip Tuesday: June 10 – Make Your Real Estate Website Ready for Traffic

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When you send direct mail postcards out showcasing a new listing, you should be directing people to view the property on your website. All of your other promotional channels should direct there as well. So, what if your website isn’t set up to successfully receive and convert all of that traffic you’re generating through marketing initiatives? Take a peek at this infographic from Placester that was designed to help realtors like you build a better website (without breaking the bank).

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Quick Tip Tuesday: June 3 – Focus Your Postcard Messaging

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When investing in postcard mail pieces to market your listings, it’s tempting to include all information possible – both about your listing and about your real estate credentials. Sometimes you end up with so much information that you can’t fit it on the card. Does this sound familiar? If so, hopefully today’s tip will help you narrow your focus and create a compelling direct mail postcard.

For greatest readability keep your postcard’s words and sentences short. 80% of your words should be 5 characters or less. Sentences should be kept to a maximum of 1 to 1.5 lines each, with a maximum of 6 to 7 lines of text total.

Your mail prospects really want to know “what will you DO for me?” and less about you, your credentials and company. Be sure to lead with how you are going to help them succeed!

Quick Tip Tuesday: May 27 – Magic Words for Just Sold and Just Listed Postcards

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Running out of things to say on your real estate just sold and just listed postcards? Try a couple of these magic phrases in your next mail piece:

Just Listed Postcards

Consider using this magic phrase to peak interest and intrigue: Here’s a small sample of what you find in this home…

Just Sold Postcards

Consider using this magic phrase to capture attention and get the reader thinking: There’s never been a better time to list your home…

Quick Tip Tuesday: May 20 – MORE Powerful Words for Direct Mail Marketing

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Last week, we shared the top 8 most powerful words you can use in real estate direct mail marketing. As a bonus, here are 5 more to help you create a postcard headline with immediate impact.

  • Safety
  • Guarantee
  • Love
  • New
  • Health

Quick Tip Tuesday: May 13 – Powerful Words for Direct Mail Marketing

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The key to effective real estate direct mail marketing messaging is to get the recipient involved. You have mere seconds to grab the attention of your reader as they flip through their mail, so use your words wisely.

Keep your message short and sweet, but also reference this list of the 8 most powerful words in postcard marketing:

  • You
  • Save
  • Money
  • Easy
  • Results
  • Discover
  • Proven
  • Risk Free

Quick Tip Tuesday: May 6 – Do You QR Code?

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Realtors: how many of you currently use quick response (QR) codes on your direct mail postcards? Many realtors have heard that QR codes can be used to provide beneficial information to their tech savvy farming list, but aren’t quite sure what kind of information to share. This week’s tip offers a few great suggestions.

Use a QR code on your Just Listed postcards that links the recipient directly to your online video virtual tour, house photo gallery, or MLS listing page. Make sure your QR code links to mobile friendly pages that are easy to view, navigate, and read on a mobile device.

Are you using QR codes to promote your listings in a new and creative way? Share it in the comments! We love to hear from you.

Quick Tip Tuesday: April 29 – Get Emotional!

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With less competition in the mailbox due to the substantial increase in online marketing and advertising, realtors enjoy that their postcards are much more likely to be read. That said, the average homeowner still receives 6 – 9 advertisements a day, yet only spends time on the 1 or 2 that really stand out and grab their attention. Therefore, less competition does not mean you can spend less time making your postcards stand out.

75% of buying decisions are based on emotion, so it’s important to build lasting connections using unique, memorable, oversized postcards printed in full color that will stand out in the mailbox.

How will you use today’s tip to create an emotional connection with your prospect mailing list?


Quick Tip Tuesday: April 22 – Quick Changes and Short Runs with Digital Postcard Printing

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Busy realtors always have a new listing, open house, or home sale to promote. That means you need to be able to change postcard designs and content often without ending up with stacks of unusable, bulk-run mail pieces. You also need to get things printed and out to your sphere of influence at lightning speed.

Because digital printing allows for small quantity print runs, you can make changes to your direct mail design and messaging as needed, and quickly print the exact amount you want to mail. No muss and no fuss, with less waste and less expense.

If you are currently using offset printing and are wondering what the difference is between offset and digital, check out this post.

Designing Postcards: Offset Printing vs Digital Printing

Quick Tip Tuesday: April 15 – Don’t Neglect Past Clients

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You just helped a young couple find their dream home and they are ecstatic! No need to market to them anymore, right? They’ll definitely remember you and the excellent home buying experience you provided when it comes time to sell…or maybe not. According to today’s tip, they (and you) may benefit from some reminders along the way, so don’t neglect them!

95% of home buyers who receive periodic postcards from their real estate agents use the same agent when it comes time to sell. Postcards are an integral part of your marketing mix. Be sure you utilize them to maximize your profits.

Quick Tip Tuesday: April 8 – Sustainable Lead Generation for Real Estate

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Whether you’re just getting started with real estate postcard marketing or you’re a seasoned pro, this week’s tip from Gary Keller’s book The Millionaire Real Estate Agent is timeless advice.

Build and sustain a solid lead generation program that emphasizes frequency and consistency, focused on leveraging your selling listings as the core theme. Turn one sale into multiple sales through direct mail pieces of added value every 21 days followed by notes, phone calls and face-to-face meetings.

We’d love to hear from you! How have you made your real estate postcard marketing efforts sustainable for lead generation? Any tips or tricks you’d be willing to share?