Quick Tip Tuesday: November 18 – Excuses to Stay in Touch Using Postcards

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With the holiday season and New Year quickly approaching, many realtors and small business owners are using this time to plan for success in 2015. This is a great time to map out your direct mail postcard calendar to stay in touch with your farming list and sphere of influence. Watch this video for some ideas to stay in touch throughout the year using postcards that go beyond the typical birthday wishes.

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Need some more ideas? Check out these excuses to mail.

How to Reach Generation Y with Integrated Marketing

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There’s an assumption among many that Generation Y – people born between the mid-1980s and the early 2000s – is extremely difficult to reach via traditional media and direct mail.

Like most assumptions, it’s equal parts true and untrue. While Gen Y is far more involved in digital media than previous generations, its members are also highly responsive to direct mail and other more “traditional” forms of marketing.

One reason for this is digital marketing overload. Like Allison Schiff mentioned in Direct Marketing News last year, many millennials face inboxes full of marketing messages, causing them to zone out of digital media and look to traditional media.

An impressive 50% of Gen Y finds print deals in newspapers. 33% of Gen Y uses direct mail to learn more about products, offers and brands. Far from being 100% digital, Generation Y pays attention to all marketing channels.

Since Gen Y pays close attention to almost all marketing channels, the importance of having an integrated marketing strategy – one in which your marketing message is consistent online, offline, in print and in direct mail – is greater than ever.

In this guide, we’ll share three effective strategies that you can use to combine your digital, print and direct marketing strategies to connect with Generation Y.
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Quick Tip Tuesday: November 11 – 5 Ways to Honor Veterans

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Today is Veterans Day, but thanking and honoring Veterans can go beyond this one day with your actions as a realtor or other small business owner.

Here are 5 Ways to Honor Veterans Beyond Veterans Day, from CNN.

  • Check your assumptions about veterans
  • Invest in veterans
  • Help veterans’ families
  • Volunteer with veterans programs
  • Reach out to the Department of Veterans Affairs

Quick Tip Tuesday: November 4 – Use Colors That Sell

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Whether you’re working on a new postcard direct mail campaign or revamping an existing one, reconsider the color palette you’re using. Here are a few quick tips all about choosing the best colors for your next campaign.

Color postcards are 25-30% more effective than black and white.

Postcards with two colors tend to have higher responses than ones with four colors.

Use colors that sell. Throw away your pastel swatch book. Use bold primary colors – red, yellow, blue. Avoid designer tones, especially earth tones. Agitate the reader, don’t pacify.

If you want more information about the psychology behind color in postcard marketing, read Playing with Color Basics: Psychology and the Technicolor Postcard.

Also, when you’re ordering your postcards don’t forget to add a protective UV coating. It helps your cards and colors look their best as the work themselves through the mail system.

Quick Tip Tuesday: October 28 – Networking for Realtors

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Real estate is all about networking. It’s not what you know, but rather who you know.

Whether you’re a networking novice or pro, watch this quick video to brush up on some networking basics.

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How to Design a Real Estate Flyer Yourself Using Canva

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Whether you’re a homeowner interested in selling your property independently or a real estate agent searching for the perfect buyers, having the right real estate flyer available is a great way to market your listing.

Many realtors hire a graphic designer to design their real estate flyers. It can be an expensive and slow process – one that can be avoided if you design your own real estate flyer using an online design app called Canva.

Designing a real estate flyer using Canva is refreshingly easy. Better yet, once you’ve created your first flyer, you’ll have a template that you can use whenever you have a new property to market.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to design your own real estate flyer, from choosing the right background color to adding pictures of your property, persuasive copy, and your contact information.

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Quick Tip Tuesday: October 21 – End of Year Community Report

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The holiday season and the end of 2014 are rapidly approaching and it can be challenging time in which to think of ways to garner attention for your real estate business. This week’s quick tip can help you get in front of your sphere of influence with some relevant, attention-grabbing information. Start working on it now, though, before you get distracted by the holidays yourself!

Consider doing an “annual report flyer” for your neighborhood or community. Wrap up the year with interesting factoids, stories, events, community service, and real estate results.



Quick Tip Tuesday: October 14 – Social Media for Realtors

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Over 73% of adults in the United States are active on social media networks. Are you using social media to help generate real estate sales leads?

Watch this short video to learn three ways that becoming more involved on social media networks can help strengthen your real estate business.

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4 Reasons to Send Postcards for Business in November

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November is a great month for marketing your business. With two public holidays, each offering the opportunity to get in touch with your target market, and the beginning of the pre-Christmas season, marketing opportunities are numerous in November.

In this post, we’ll share four creative and effective reasons to send your direct mail postcards in November. From significant public holidays to seasonal weather changes, read on to learn why November is a great time to launch your campaign.
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Quick Tip Tuesday: October 7 – How to Write Better Copy

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Sometimes coming up with the right words to communicate with your audience can be tough, and it’s no different with direct mail postcards. Fortunately, there are some tried and true techniques that you can always fall back on when you find yourself at a loss for words.

Try incorporating the word “free” into your next direct mail campaign and see what happens to your response.

Here are 5 Ways to Use “Free” to Write Better Copy:

  1.  Offer a free sample to generate leads
  2. Focus on benefits before offering freebies
  3. Make sure your free offer isn’t deceptive
  4. Offer free bonuses instead of free giveaways
  5. Make your free offer feel unique and personal