Quick Tip Tuesday: February 18 – Simplicity is Key

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Keep postcard marketing simple with QuantumDigitalIn the spirit of today’s tip, we’re keeping this postcard messaging advice from Direct Marketing IQ extra short and sweet!

Short copy is key.  Don’t try to say too much on your postcards.  Keep the copy short and offer focused.  Use simple and easy – they work better.  

Want more ideas to keep your postcards simple? Read this: 9 Tips to Create a Perfectly Simple Postcard.

One Minute Marketing: Facebook Real Estate Apps

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Using Facebook is a great way for realtors to stay in touch with clients, and one of the ways to do that is by using Facebook apps. There are several companies out there that offer really cool apps for Facebook pages to help promote real estate opportunities to current and potential clients.

Watch this One Minute Marketing video to learn about two Facebook real estate apps:

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Realtors and Brokers: Where to Find QuantumDigital this Spring

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Realtors and brokers: are you attending any conferences this spring? If so, you may get a chance to talk to a QuantumDigital employee in person to find out how the company makes targeted postcard marketing simple and fast for the real estate industry. Check out the list below and if you’ll be attending one of these shows, be sure to stop by and say hello!

  • Exhibitor – Booth #558 at Keller Williams Family Reunion, February 15 – 19, Phoenix, AZ
  • Sponsor and Exhibitor – LeadingRE National Conference, February 25 – 27, Las Vegas, NV
  • Exhibitor – Booth #241 at RE/MAX R4 Conference, March 3 – 6, Las Vegas, NV
  • Exhibitor – Booth #612, Prudential Real Estate and Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Sales Convention 2014, March 16 – 18, Nashville, TN
  • Sponsor and Exhibitor – Weichert® National Convention & WREA Management Symposium, March 26 – 28, Atlantic City, NJ
  • REAL Trends Gathering of Eagles, March 31, Las Colinas, TX

Quick Tip Tuesday: It’s All About Community

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We know it’s easy to get stuck wondering what to mail to your real estate farming list and sphere of influence – that both keeps your name top of mind and provides value to recipients. Today’s simple but powerful tip from Eric Cosway, EVP and CMO of QuantumDigital, may help you easily come up with endless information to share using direct mail postcards. Go local!

Make your postcards all about your community. In addition to offering your expertise about your area’s real estate market, you can also highlight the many great things happening in your local community …like upcoming farmers markets, concerts, community meetings, charity events and family activities.


One Minute Marketing: Keeping in Touch Part 2

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Today’s video is part 2 of a series about keeping in touch with your real estate farming list. If you missed part 1, you can catch up here.

Watch this short video for some quick and easy tips to help you keep your contact database updated, including how to have a phone conversation and what kinds of questions to ask. The art of keeping in touch truly is in the details.

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Quick Tip Tuesday: February 4 – Realtors, Brand Yourselves

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Realtors: don’t just sell houses – start selling “you” as a brand. Today’s tip offers one of many ideas you can use to establish your personal real estate brand.

Host events for homeowners in the neighborhoods you serve to teach them home tips such as staging, lawn care, and interior design. Bring in specialists from those various fields to teach the classes, with you – the savvy, networked realtor – as the host. Use postcards and flyers to invite people to attend, then gather mailing and email addresses from attendees so you can add them to your farming list and stay in contact. That way, when they are ready to buy or sell, they’ll think of you.

Quick Tip Tuesday: January 28 – Marketing Your New Listing On-the-Go

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You know that feeling: you are walking out of a meeting in which you just earned a new listing and are excited to prove to your seller that you were indeed the best realtor to choose! But…you have a multitude of other appointments that day, including an open house, and therefore won’t be able to start just listed promotion until that evening (nope – kid’s basketball game tonight!) or the following day when you’re back at your office.

If your listing is ready to go per the guideline in this post, check out today’s tip that can help you market your new listing immediately – from wherever you may be.

Using the free QCards iPhone App,  take a picture of your just listed house immediately after contract signing and begin marketing it to the community by mailing out 100+ oversized postcards that day. Get those early calls and walk-throughs before the property even hits the MLS. Coming soon generates excitement!

Quick Tip Tuesday: January 21 – How to Get More Social Media Followers Using Real Estate Postcards

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One of the biggest trends in direct mail postcard marketing right now is using this offline medium to encourage online interaction. Check out today’s quick tip from Eric Cosway to learn one simple way real estate postcards can be used to gain more social media followers and fans.

Consider offering a call-to-action on your real estate postcards that offers a discount on your commissions, exclusively for your Facebook page fans or Twitter followers. Don’t forget to include all of your social media URLs and other important contact information!


One Minute Marketing – How to Say No

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Learning how and when to say no, and then putting it into practice, are common challenges people face in both their business and personal lives. Although there are many complex reasons people say yes at their own expense, they can be boiled down to two simple ones: wanting to help / please, and fear. Fear of conflict or fear of missed opportunities, for example.

Watch this week’s One Minute Marketing video to learn how successful real estate agents protect their time and energy by saying no.

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Quick Tip Tuesday: January 14 – How to Earn a New Listing

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According to several sources, including the Forward Realty Group blog, in today’s seller’s market it has become more common for homeowners to believe for sale by owner (FSBO) is the right way to go. For realtors, this means you need to be more prepared than ever to educate sellers in order to earn the listing. When meeting with homeowners, you want to show your best work and demonstrate why they should hire you to take on what would be equal to a second job for the seller. There are many ways to do this, and today’s tip gives you a tried-and-true technique that’s sure to impress.

Using high-quality photos, create a career book that showcases all the other homes that you have listed and sold in the area. Include in this book samples of actual marketing collateral that you use to promote the properties, such as just listed postcards, flyers, and emails. This is an excellent visual representation not only of the various price ranges in which you work and your successes in the neighborhood, but also of the marketing efforts necessary to successfully list a property that you will undertake on the seller’s behalf.