Quick Tip Tuesday: November 4 – Use Colors That Sell

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Whether you’re working on a new postcard direct mail campaign or revamping an existing one, reconsider the color palette you’re using. Here are a few quick tips all about choosing the best colors for your next campaign.

Color postcards are 25-30% more effective than black and white.

Postcards with two colors tend to have higher responses than ones with four colors.

Use colors that sell. Throw away your pastel swatch book. Use bold primary colors – red, yellow, blue. Avoid designer tones, especially earth tones. Agitate the reader, don’t pacify.

If you want more information about the psychology behind color in postcard marketing, read Playing with Color Basics: Psychology and the Technicolor Postcard.

Also, when you’re ordering your postcards don’t forget to add a protective UV coating. It helps your cards and colors look their best as the work themselves through the mail system.

4 Reasons to Send Postcards for Business in November

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November is a great month for marketing your business. With two public holidays, each offering the opportunity to get in touch with your target market, and the beginning of the pre-Christmas season, marketing opportunities are numerous in November.

In this post, we’ll share four creative and effective reasons to send your direct mail postcards in November. From significant public holidays to seasonal weather changes, read on to learn why November is a great time to launch your campaign.
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Reaching Baby Boomers Through Direct Mail Postcards

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Did you know that Baby Boomers control 70% of all disposable income? The Baby Boomer demographic is arguably the most valuable of all for marketers due to its combination of significant buying power, openness to new brands, and high direct mail response rate.

In this guide, we’ll share four techniques that you can use to reach Baby Boomers through your direct mail postcards. Discover how you can make your marketing strategy Boomer-friendly and profitable.

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Reaching Generations X and Y Through Direct Mail Postcards

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A frequently challenged marketing myth is that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to reach young people via traditional marketing. Many marketers are seemingly convinced that Generations X and Y simply won’t respond to traditional marketing tactics.

From TV and radio to direct mail, the reality is that the most effective ways to reach Gen X and Y are surprisingly traditional. Yes, there’s social media, email, and several other digital platforms; there’s also traditional direct mail marketing.

77% of Generation X and 63% of Generation Y consumers have purchased products via direct mail. The idea that today’s young adults don’t respond well to non-digital marketing couldn’t be further from the truth.

In this guide, we’ll share four simple but effective tactics that you can use to reach Generation X (people born from 1965 to the mid-1980s) and Generation Y (people born from the early 1980s onwards) using direct mail postcards.

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Quick Tip Tuesday: September 16 – 5 Ways to Write a Headline

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Could your postcard headline writing skills use some work? Could you use some inspiration to freshen up your headlines?

There are many different ways to write headlines and we’ve outlined 5 below.

  • Write like you’re announcing important news
  • Ask your target audience an engaging question
  • Be direct and tell your audience exactly what to do
  • Be completely honest about what you’re offering
  • Teach your target audience how to do something

If you’d like to dig in and look at examples of each of these, check out How to Write Headlines that Engage Your Audience.

Quick Tip Tuesday: September 2 – How to Improve Your Postcard Performance

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Do you measure the performance of your direct mail postcards? If your campaign is generating qualified leads, you’re definitely doing something right. But did you know that there are ways to find out if your campaign is as good as it could be, with potential improvements helping you to generate even more leads?

Read this post about why you should A/B test your postcards to learn how to test which image, copy, or headline works best to convert your leads.

Quick Tip Tuesday: August 19 – 3 Ways to Boost Your Next Postcard

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While consistency is key, sometimes it pays to try something different with your postcard marketing campaign, particularly if you’re not seeing the response you’d like.

Here are 3 pieces of advice for adding an extra boost to your next postcard mailer:

  • When choosing postcard colors keep this in mind: warm colors get warm responses and cold colors get cold. Use bright, warm colors as often as you can.
  • For an extra octane boost on your postcards, consider using capital letters. Used wisely, capital letters suggest greater stature.
  • Postcards with two colors tend to have higher responses than ones with four colors.

Quick Tip Tuesday: August 5 – Use Postcards to Motivate, Not Advertise

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In real estate or any other small business, mailed postcards should be used to generate responses and leads. Image, branding, and general advertising is better done via newspapers, websites, TV, and radio. You can still say something positive and memorable about your company and service, but do it in a meaningful way that motivates such as including third party validation.

Don’t just say your product or service is great on your postcard mailers- prove it! Use testimonials and past sales to make the case.

Quick Tip Tuesday: June 3 – Focus Your Postcard Messaging

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When investing in postcard mail pieces to market your listings, it’s tempting to include all information possible – both about your listing and about your real estate credentials. Sometimes you end up with so much information that you can’t fit it on the card. Does this sound familiar? If so, hopefully today’s tip will help you narrow your focus and create a compelling direct mail postcard.

For greatest readability keep your postcard’s words and sentences short. 80% of your words should be 5 characters or less. Sentences should be kept to a maximum of 1 to 1.5 lines each, with a maximum of 6 to 7 lines of text total.

Your mail prospects really want to know “what will you DO for me?” and less about you, your credentials and company. Be sure to lead with how you are going to help them succeed!

Mystery Solved: Smudges on Real Estate Postcards

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Have you ever seen smudges and scuff marks on the postcards you’ve either received in the mail or mailed out to market your real estate business? It’s not an uncommon phenomenon, but the reason behind the smudges is rarely explained and can leave marketers frustrated due to lack of information. If you’re curious to find out how this happens, check out the quick video below that takes you through the real estate postcard marketing print and mail process.

YouTube Preview Image


For even more information, check out this post: Why Do Some of My Mailed Postcards Have Smudges or Scuff Marks?

Still have questions? Leave them as a comment below – we’re happy to help!