Ideas for Mailing Postcards in October

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October direct mail ideasOctober can be gloomy as winter starts setting in. But at the same time, the crisp weather and the reddening leaves is a popular time for people to spruce up their homes. And as it is also sandwiched between the new school session shopping and the holiday season, there is not as much seasonally driven promotion demanding attention. For this reason, October is a great time for your direct mail postcards to stand out with less than usual competition in the mailbox. With the fourth quarter beginning and several holidays coming up in the month, there are plenty of reasons to send out mailers in October.

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Ideas for Sending Postcards in September

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It’s time to go back to school! As you have learned, keeping top of mind to both clients and prospects is key towards the success of any business. If you are a realtor, this constant touch can mean the difference between having repeat listings and referral business, and no listings at all. By incorporating direct mail marketing into your marketing mix, along with various online marketing tactics such as email and mobile, you can make your efforts even more targeted and effective. Additionally, including postcard mailings in your marketing mix adds a personal touch that is often missing in online and email marketing communications.

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Quick Tip Tuesday: August 27 – Lead Generation for New Realtors

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Our tip for today is for new realtors and comes from NAR’s Member’s Edge blog.

Keep looking for new clients
At some point you’ll find yourself working multiple transactions, fielding phone calls, emails, texts, messaging on Twitter, fighting to find time to post on Facebook and skipping lunch twice a week. And then, just as suddenly, you’ll close all your business and find yourself in a 30-day dry period with no qualified buyers or sellers in the pipeline. Don’t get caught up in the day-to-day of transactions so much that you stop looking for new clients. Keep that pipeline flowing to minimize your dry spells. Think to the future, not just the present.

A great way to keep up with prospecting efforts while you’re busy doing other things is to automate as much as possible. Technology advances every day and these advances are helping realtors become more productive while working out in the field. If you haven’t already, check out TriggerMarketing – it’s like having your own online direct marketing assistant.  It’s a lead generation program that automatically creates mail-ready campaigns for you based on changes to the MLS, then lets you, the agent, decide whether to send or not. One click and done!

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Ideas for Sending Marketing Postcards in July

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4th of JulyJuly is right in the middle of summer and also the hottest period of the year. It’s the time for vacations, trips and parties with friends and family. The middle of summer offers some good excuses to keep in touch with marketing postcards. After all, keeping a good and healthy connection with business partners and customers is the foundation for any thriving business.

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Quick Tip Tuesday: June 18 – National Small Business Week

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Did you know it’s the 50th anniversary of National Small Business Week? We tip our hats to all of the those who have pursued and are pursuing the dream of small business ownership. We hope today’s quick tip will aid any business owner in creating a direct mail campaign offer and help business flourish. It comes from Robert W. Bly’s book How to Create Irresistible Offers.

Words like “no obligation, no risk, risk-free, no commitment” are strong phrases to get your prospects to take action and contact you. The easiest way to increase response rates is to offer a value add premium – a free kit, report or gift for inquiries. When offering free reports or kits, be sure to include a deadline such as “offer expires in 48 hours” or “for the first 10 callers only.”

Feeling inspired? In celebration of National Small Business Week, we are offering the following PROMO CODE for orders placed on by June 25, 2013.

$5 off orders of $50 or more (total cart)


*Expires 6/25/2013 

Quick Tip Tuesday: June 11 – Postcard Messaging

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Here’s a quick postcard messaging and design tip you can put into practice immediately.

Think of the front of your postcards as your marketing “billboard”. Move most of your copy to the address side of the card. Having your main/key message on the address side directly across from the address label is an effective “hot spot” strategy. Hot spots tend to be the first blocks that get read. Always reinforce your main message on both sides of your postcards – give readers a reason to turn the card over and read both sides. 

Quick Tip Tuesday: June 4 – Mailing Frequency

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You have likely heard time and time again that consistency and frequency are of utmost importance in any direct mail effort. Wondering how “frequent” and “consistent” are defined? Take a look at today’s quick tip.




Consistency is key. It takes 7 to 12 touches to forge memory of a message and/or to motivate action. Solo mail seldom works. Frequency also makes the difference. It has been proven that at least 6-7 impressions over a short period of time are necessary to generate awareness. The fact is that you will experience better results by mailing the same 100 people 6 times than you would by mailing 600 people once.


Excuses to Send Direct Mail Postcards in June

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One of the challenges to making the most out of your postcard marketing plan is to keep things fresh and interesting. Every month provides unique opportunities to spin what’s going on in the real world to your direct mail advantage. June is no different. Need some inspiration and excuses to send direct mail postcards in June? We’ve put together some suggestions to get your creativity flowing so you can start planning your campaign.

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Excuses to Send Direct Mail Postcards in May

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There’s no doubt that in some months, it’s a bit easier to come up with postcard marketing and other direct mail ideas than in May and June. This doesn’t mean you should ignore your customer and prospect database and wait for more obvious opportunities. In fact, it’s just these kinds of months that may offer some really great untapped potential. After all, there will likely be less competition in the mailbox, making your direct mail piece stand out even more.

Need some excuses to mail in May? Take a look at some of these ideas and maybe they will offer some inspiration.

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Direct Mail for Nonprofit Fundraising

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Fundraising is an important part of the life of any nonprofit organization or charity. In order to continue functioning, these organizations need to raise a certain amount of money on a regular basis. While informal events and collection boxes can contribute to the organization’s running costs, often a nonprofit will need a more formal marketing campaign in place in order to get any significant amount of funding.

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