Quick Tip Tuesday: March 18 – Time for Spring Cleaning

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Spring is upon us, so it’s the perfect time to do some spring cleaning…of your postcard mailing list, that is! When was the last time you took a good look at your list? If you are wondering why it’s important, consider today’s advice:

Your list is the most important ingredient to the success of your direct mailer. The offer or call to action is the second most important element. Want to grow your list? Consider doing some joint postcard marketing with a local business that compliments yours – including their logo/name and signature offer. That way, you not only share contacts, but costs as well. 

Send New Year’s Wishes – FREE 2014 New Year’s Postcard Template!

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The holiday season is upon us and flying by at top speed. If you are running out of time to send out traditional holiday greetings to your farming list, sphere of influence, and current and past clients, you can still get your real estate message out there with a New Year’s greeting. And for those of you who planned ahead and are getting your holiday cards out in time, congratulations – you get another excuse to remind your mailing list of your services! After all, surely someone on your list is including the sale or purchase of a home in their 2014 goals.

If you need some postcard design help, check out this attention-grabbing New Year’s postcard template designed by QuantumDigital – just for you. It’s FREE for you to use to your heart’s content.


FREE New Year’s 2014 Postcard Design Template

Quick Tip Tuesday: December 10 – Why Use Direct Mail

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An article in Forbes recently caught our attention: If Direct Mail is Dying, It’s Sure Taking Its Time About It. For today’s quick tip, here are two highlights from the article about the enduring power of direct mail, as well as a couple of other compelling stats.

“The mail is often the only reliable way to reach reasonably affluent males.” – Forbes

“The over-50 crowd, already large and growing, has a lot more money than younger folks and they’re just as happy to deal with you in print as they are in the cyber world.” – Forbes

“70% of consumers prefer mail for receiving unsolicited info from unfamiliar companies.” – Pitney Bowes International Communications Survey

“Large and over-sized postcards are an effective real estate marketing tactic.  They have a 100% open rate and are still one of the only ways to reach a homeowner on their turf.” – Eric Cosway, QuantumDigital


Think about the direct mail you receive, regardless of whether it comes in the form of a catalogue, postcard, or letter. What impression does the mailed form of communication make on you as compared to online ads and email marketing? Now think about your own business. How are you utilizing direct mail in your marketing campaigns? What impact has it made?


Ideas for Mailing Postcards in November

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As November approaches, people begin to get into a festive spirit. For realtors, keeping your target customers engaged to create brand recall can be especially challenging with the distractions the holiday season brings.

It’s an important time to use as many communication vehicles as possible to stay in touch. After all, many families may be in the beginning stages of planning for the new year, which may include the purchase or sale of a home. Jumbo postcard mailers are a simple, cost-effective marketing tool for real estate that will keep you top of mind when it comes time to make a residential real estate move.

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Quick Tip Tuesday: October 15 – Your First Postcard Mailing

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If you’re a regular reader of our blog, you know that direct mail is an integral part of real estate marketing communications. That said, if you shy away from sending your first mailing because thinking about what to say leaves you with a headache, today’s tip from QuantumDigital‘s EVP and CMO Eric Cosway is for you.

When mailing to prospects for the first time, consider a call to action link that directs them learn more about you at your own personal “about me” web page (a page that lists your experience and credentials). Curb appeal tips, seasonal planting suggestions, popular remodeling tips, and tax changes/updates make excellent first postcard communications and set you up with a nice way to stay in touch with your farming list and sphere of influence on a regular basis.

Quick Tip Tuesday: October 1 – Keeping in Touch

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Do you wonder how often to reach out to your sphere of influence (SOI)? Need some more ways to stay in touch with your key contacts? Here are some excellent tips from Gary Keller’s book The Millionaire Real Estate Agent.

For everyone in your SOI, plan to stay in touch with them anywhere from 12-30 plus touches a year. Use a combination of emails, telephone calls, direct mail, and personal cards. Top agents use postcards to stay in touch with their SOI. Mailed postcards in the form of recipe cards, inspirational cards, and community/market statistics cards all work well.


Quick Tip Tuesday: September 24 – Real Estate Direct Mail Budget

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Determining a budget for your real estate direct mail campaign can be tricky. Even overwhelming. Don’t let being overwhelmed keep you from taking action.

To calm your nerves and give you direction, take a look at this statistic from a real estate marketing survey conducted by QuantumDigital. Here’s what the stats revealed about top producers’ direct marketing budgets.


Top agents tend to spend 8-10% of their expected gross commission income on direct marketing. They break this out over a 9-12 month period, regardless of market conditions and/or monthly activity.


Ideas for Mailing Postcards in October

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October direct mail ideasOctober can be gloomy as winter starts setting in. But at the same time, the crisp weather and the reddening leaves is a popular time for people to spruce up their homes. And as it is also sandwiched between the new school session shopping and the holiday season, there is not as much seasonally driven promotion demanding attention. For this reason, October is a great time for your direct mail postcards to stand out with less than usual competition in the mailbox. With the fourth quarter beginning and several holidays coming up in the month, there are plenty of reasons to send out mailers in October.

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Ideas for Sending Postcards in September

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It’s time to go back to school! As you have learned, keeping top of mind to both clients and prospects is key towards the success of any business. If you are a realtor, this constant touch can mean the difference between having repeat listings and referral business, and no listings at all. By incorporating direct mail marketing into your marketing mix, along with various online marketing tactics such as email and mobile, you can make your efforts even more targeted and effective. Additionally, including postcard mailings in your marketing mix adds a personal touch that is often missing in online and email marketing communications.

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Quick Tip Tuesday: August 27 – Lead Generation for New Realtors

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Our tip for today is for new realtors and comes from NAR’s Member’s Edge blog.

Keep looking for new clients
At some point you’ll find yourself working multiple transactions, fielding phone calls, emails, texts, messaging on Twitter, fighting to find time to post on Facebook and skipping lunch twice a week. And then, just as suddenly, you’ll close all your business and find yourself in a 30-day dry period with no qualified buyers or sellers in the pipeline. Don’t get caught up in the day-to-day of transactions so much that you stop looking for new clients. Keep that pipeline flowing to minimize your dry spells. Think to the future, not just the present.

A great way to keep up with prospecting efforts while you’re busy doing other things is to automate as much as possible. Technology advances every day and these advances are helping realtors become more productive while working out in the field. If you haven’t already, check out TriggerMarketing – it’s like having your own online direct marketing assistant.  It’s a lead generation program that automatically creates mail-ready campaigns for you based on changes to the MLS, then lets you, the agent, decide whether to send or not. One click and done!

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