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Ideas for Sending Postcards in August: Real Estate

Posted by QuantumDigital on July 30th, 2013

If you’re a realtor, you understand that you need to keep in touch with your sphere of influence so you’re top of mind for a referral to friends and family, and for the next time they themselves need to buy or sell a residential property. Although online marketing tactics can certainly be effective, they can often feel sterile and impersonal. Connecting with your farming area via a postcard mailed to their home that they can hold in their hands can add a personal touch that many will appreciate.

As we’ve mentioned in other posts like this, it can sometimes be difficult to think of reasons to mail on a consistent basis. Fortunately, this is not one of those times. Moving into August and looking forward to September means that the hot summer is coming to a close, and also your real estate season is getting ready to gear up as many return from summer vacation. This is a prime-time for real estate professionals to market to potential buyers and sellers. Summer is not over yet, however, so many in your list are likely still looking for ways to entertain and celebrate with their families before school gets back into full swing.

Take a look at some of these days in August to see if they give you some creative inspiration for your real estate postcard marketing campaign. Some of these ideas can simply be presented as fun things for families in your farming list to do with their children, while others can be paired with links to your online assets.

*National Ice Cream Sandwich Day – August 2nd: For many of us, this day will certainly be exploited as another excuse to eat ice cream, but it can also be a great suggestion to cool off in the summer heat. Talk to some local ice cream shops to see if they are having any promotional offers that you could share with your clients, brought to them by their favorite neighborhood realtor. This form of co-marketing can also help you offset the cost of the campaign.

*Friendship Day – August 4th:This is a holiday that has been recently promoted by Hallmark. It encourages friends to send cards to one another to let them know that they care. For realtors, this can be a great way to build a deep bond with your clients that will remind them that you understand and appreciate how personal the home buying / selling experiences is.

*U.S. Coast Guard Day – August 5th: All the members of the U.S. forces that defend and protect our safety deserve to be honored. Take this occasion to give thanks to the brave people that patrol our coasts and provide rescue services all over the country.

*National Senior Citizens Day – August 21st: Our elders deserve our respect, and this holiday is the perfect time to show it. It is common knowledge that the aging Baby Boomer population will be looking for retirement destinations soon. You can leverage this day as an opportunity to reach this audience by sending a postcard honoring them. Proceed with caution on how you message this one, though, as you don’t want to offend. If you don’t know the exact demographics of your list enough to target this population specifically, a simple suggestion to be respectful and appreciative of our elderly population on this day may be your best bet.

*National Dog Day – August 26th:A good portion of your clients are probably dog lovers, and some so much so that they see them as their children. If you identify with this audience, share the love by reminding them of this day to celebrate our furry, four-legged buddies. A postcard in celebration of this day could be used to drive your contact database to your website, where you have a blog post describing and mapping all of the dog parks in the area, along with leash rules for each. Create a personal connection by including a photo of yourself with your own dog.

*Franchise Appreciation Day – August 31st: So many of the top real estate brands are franchises, and people are increasingly aware and appreciative of the role that small businesses play in our daily lives. Without getting too technical, use this day as an opportunity to share with your sphere of influence the things your real estate franchise is doing to make your clients’ homebuying and selling experience even better.

*Back to School: According to a recent Fox News article, the right before and after the winter holiday season has become the best time to sell a property. That said, the historical real estate season tied to school schedules still exists for many homeowners with children. Segment your farming list to those with children and mail a postcard that drives them to your website where you offer valuable content such as neighborhood information, and assistance finding facts and figures related to schools, taxes, local government, transportation and commuting, etc. You could also drive them to online video and photo content that introduces them to particular neighborhoods surrounding the area’s most popular schools, giving them a feel for the architecture and culture.

No matter what postcard messaging idea you go with in August, don’t forget to target your list and add a personal touch. Put your signature on these postcards you send out, and tie these days in with a heartfelt message to your loyal and prospective real estate clients.


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