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Excuses to Send Direct Mail Postcards in June

Posted by QuantumDigital on May 16th, 2013

One of the challenges to making the most out of your postcard marketing plan is to keep things fresh and interesting. Every month provides unique opportunities to spin what’s going on in the real world to your direct mail advantage. June is no different. Need some inspiration and excuses to send direct mail postcards in June? We’ve put together some suggestions to get your creativity flowing so you can start planning your campaign.

* Summer Themed Mailers. Summer officially begins on June 21st this year, but a great many people are focused on summer much earlier than the 21st. Why not put together a fun summer themed mailing? Bathing suits, the sun, smiles and fun. This is always great, but even works better if you offer something that you can work into the summer spirit. If you sell pizza, consider suggesting a pizza pool party. If you own an auto parts store, think convertibles with their tops down. The postcard displayed in this post designed by Thomas Cochill is an excellent example of how to incorporate summer into a direct mail postcard design and create a sense of urgency with its recipients.

* Father’s Day Discount. We all know how important Mother’s Day is for marketing campaigns, and Father’s Day can also be used to make an impact. If your business specializes in male-oriented products or services, you could send a postcard with a promotional code to dads so they can by themselves a discounted product or service they’ve had on their list. For example, a hair salon could promote a special haircut discount for dads in the month of June.

* Be Your Customer’s Best Friend. Did you know June 8th is Best Friends Day? It’s a holiday that offers a fun opportunity to remind your mailing list your company is their best friend with their best interests at heart when it comes to providing them with whatever service or product you sell. You could tie social media into your direct mail postcard, suggesting that recipients become your company’s “BFF” on your Facebook page. Getting a laugh or a smile is a great way to grab your postcard recipient’s attention.

* Show Company Patriotism. The end of June is the perfect time to send out your Fourth of July themed mailing to those in your customer and prospect databases. There’s lots of room for special promotions (a firecracker of a deal on the Fourth of July weekend, perhaps?) and to make the most of American flags and patriotic enthusiasm. It’s a fun holiday nearly everyone loves and gives you an opportunity to join in and show your company’s love for our country. If relevant, mentioning your business’s support for the troops overseas is a great idea and offers you additional room for themed promotions. Keep in mind that most families have at least one member in the military and would appreciate this type of gesture.

* June Countdown Campaign. If you are planning multiple mailings in June, you could do either a countdown to Summer or to the Fourth of July. Each postcard mailing could offer a different coupon, discount, or tip. This can build a great deal of anticipation and interest, plus consistent brand exposure is key in any marketing effort, and especially in direct mail marketing.

We hope this helps give you some great excuses to mail postcards in June. Success in direct mail postcard marketing is all about creativity and consistent effort. Make June a winning month!


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