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Get Your Business Cards to Stand Out

Posted by QuantumDigital on March 14th, 2013

Your business cards can be the first impression others get about you and your small business. Making your cards stand out is crucial for increasing your lead generation, reputation and profitability. Print collateral will always play a role in small business marketing, and business cards are the cornerstone tool used. Developing one that stands out takes time, effort and a total understanding of your business brand and image.

  • COLOR: Colors play a key role in having your cards stand out. Choose user-friendly colors like white or light pastels for backgrounds to make them easy on the eyes. Match your colors to your company’s image and logo to improve brand recognition. Choosing black as your font coloring will make it easy-to-read for everyone.
  • FONT: Remember the importance font size plays on your business cards. Avoid using small font sizes that cause viewer discomfort. Choose a large enough size so readers can easily read information. Be sure to make your contact information, including your phone number and email address, easy to find and read. Nothing lowers lead generation and interest more than having to struggle with finding and deciphering information.
  • SHAPE: Choose a unique shape. Make your card stand out by having it die-cut into the shape of your company logo or product. Or, consider changing from using landscape to portrait viewing.
  • INTEGRATED: With so many people using smartphones nowadays, you can take advantage of this by using QR codes. Not every small business puts QR, or quick response, codes on their business cards. By doing so, you will show others that your firm is different than most. You should also include images that show where you can be found online, such as on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.
  • SIMPLE: Avoid clutter. Make your card easy and enjoyable to read. Cramming too many graphics and words onto your card will increase reader frustration.
  • QUALITY: Use high-quality printing stock. Print collateral relies on quality stock. Avoid using cheap, thin stock that reflects negatively on your business. Poor-quality stock gives others the impression that your business offers poor-quality services and products. Instead, pay a little extra for a thicker stock that impresses others. Make certain your business card is pleasing to the touch and not easily bendable.

Small business owners must pay attention to the importance of having a business card that stands out. Strategically plan every aspect of your business card and watch your lead generation and sales go to the next level.


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