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Real Estate Flyers: From a Buyer’s Perspective

Posted by QuantumDigital on February 20th, 2013

As real estate marketing companies continue to promote high-priced digital marketing tools like mobile apps, 3-D virtual tours and address-specific websites, print marketing materials such as flyers, brochures, and postcards remain popular with today’s buyers. Why? Because just like every other target group, real estate buyers are suffering from “digital information overload”; the constant bombardment of information delivered through our televisions, computers, tablets and smartphones has led consumers to literally “tune out” digital messages, including those from real estate agents.

Printed Materials Represent Professional Service

Print marketing media like spec sheets and flyers have always been, and continue to be, powerful real estate marketing tools. Real estate buyers have consistently shown that when shopping for a property they expect their agent to provide them with print materials – after all, real estate is a service-based industry; many buyers, especially those who are well-qualified, are downright annoyed at the suggestion that they, the buyer, need to visit a website to find information on a property.

From the buyer’s perspective, the expectation that they need to do their own legwork to research a property makes the buying experience feel like a self-serve transaction. This usually leads the buyer to question what exactly their broker is actually doing for them, and in turn, leads to heated discussions about real estate commissions. Savvy real estate agents know that a small investment in printed marketing materials goes a long way towards keeping their clients satisfied with the service they are receiving from their Realtor.

Quality Counts

When using print marketing for both properties and real estate services, quality is key; after all, real estate marketing flyers, brochures and postcards are a direct reflection of you as a Realtor. Investing in high-quality print marketing materials is a proven way to promote your image as a professional, service-orientated Realtor in your community. Well-designed, quality real estate flyers and postcards should be used in conjunction with digital marketing tools to create a comprehensive marketing program that meets the needs of both your current and prospective buyers.

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