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Opening the Door to Your Next Commission: Using Direct Mail Postcards to Reach FSBO

Posted by QuantumDigital on February 4th, 2013

As the housing market continues its recovery, many homeowners that have sat on the sidelines waiting to sell their homes are ready to put their homes on the market. These home sellers often have equity, but they realize that they are not going to get as much from the sale of the house as they want or need. In an effort to avoid paying sales commissions, many homeowners opt to list their home FSBO. As most realtors know, this often leads to the home languishing on the market for months.

How to Reach FSBO

Often after the home has sat on the market for months, the FSBO finally contacts a realtor to list their home. As a realtor, you know that while you have the skills to list the property, do the real estate marketing, and get a qualified buyer to put a contract on the home, the process is going to be more difficult because the listing is stale. The homeowner will be willing to drop the price to get a buyer, but this is a less than optimal situation for both you and the seller.

Reaching homeowners who list their home FSBO when they first put the home on the market can be a difficult task. Often phone messages will not be returned or the buyer will not speak to you on the phone. Going to the FSBO open house is not the best time for the homeowner to hear the reasons to list the home. What can you do to reach them before the listing becomes stale?

Using professionally written and printed direct mail post cards are a great way to plant the idea of listing their home with a real estate agent in the mind of the seller. With postcard marketing, you can educate the FSBO about the complexity involved in trying to sell a home, as well as pitfalls of letting a home sit too long on the market. After a day of missed showings and a few lonely hours of hosting an open house on a rainy Sunday afternoon, the homeowner is likely to refer to the postcard with your information and give you a call.

High quality postcards created for realtors are readily available. Include on the postcard all the information that will convince FSBO homeowners that they need to list their home with you. By ordering and mailing direct mail postcards to FSBOs you see in neighborhoods you serve, you can open the door to your next home closing.


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