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Direct Mail Postcards Generate Additional Real Estate Commissions

Posted by QuantumDigital on November 27th, 2012

Top-performing real estate brokers and agents have learned that systematic and focused direct mail marketing campaigns executed on a regular basis can generate huge financial rewards. One large real estate brokerage client of ours has tested the power of direct mail to obtain new listings. What they discovered was that their agents who mailed just 250 postcards per month over a 12-month period brought in an additional two listings per year. Those extra listings resulted in an additional $12,000 in annual commissions. With this success strategy in mind, we created the One-Minute Real Estate Marketing Guide that illustrates how by using direct mail postcards alone or by integrating them with other marketing tactics, real estate brokers and agents can easily and effectively market their services. We know how busy real estate professionals are, so we included ways to promote business and generate warm leads that take one minute or less.

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