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How to Use Limited Time and Budget to Generate Leads

Posted by QuantumDigital on August 28th, 2012

Some small business owners aspire to become the next Apple or other big corporation, while others simply pursue the revenue and stability that comes as a result of owning the market in their local area. Small businesses thrive on the next big idea and tend to set very high goals, but these things mean nothing if nobody knows a business exists in the market it serves. Fortunately, by keeping a narrow focus and leveraging some of the latest mobile technologies, small business owners that service specific markets can turn a few dollars – and a just little bit of time – into a lot of qualified leads.

Clearly define your target market
One of the best ways local-market-focused small businesses, such as remodelers, interior designers, and realtors, can get great response from a small budget direct mail campaign is to clearly define their audience. Now, you might be saying to yourself, this is nothing new. You also might be saying you’ve already done that, and that your audience is, of course, homeowners. Great! Let’s compare two hypothetical direct mail campaign scenarios and see which business you’d rather be.

Small Business Owner A

  • Kitchen and bath remodeler in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • Needs to generate leads for his next jobs
  • Currently remodeling the kitchen in a house built in 1974
  • Very little budget
  • Target audience defined as “homeowners in Atlanta”

Owner A mails generic postcards with a promo code to a list of homeowners in Atlanta. He uses all of his budget sending thousands of postcards out to three zip codes he’s selected. He gets 2 job leads, which are unfortunately on opposite sides of the city.

Small Business Owner B

  • Also a kitchen and bath remodeler in Atlanta, Georgia
  • Also needs to generate leads for his next job
  • Also currently remodeling the kitchen in a house built in 1974
  • Also has very little budget
  • Target audience defined as “homeowners in the neighborhoods surrounding his current job site, homes built in the 1970s, annual income level of $75K – $100K”

Owner B has narrowly defined his audience in search of other households just like the one he’s currently working on. Because he has narrowed down his list, he only needs to send a couple hundred postcards out to the homes within and surrounding the neighborhood in which he’s working. He customizes his postcard to say that he’s currently in the neighborhood, updating a kitchen that likely looks like the kitchens in the homes he’s targeting. He also includes a photo of his current project.

Owner B has a much better shot at generating leads, and also saves gas by penetrating one specific area. Timing also plays a huge role in lead generation success.

Marketing on-the-go using mobile technology
So many things can be done through mobile devices today, and marketing is now one of them. This shift represents a great opportunity for business owners who spend their days on job sites. The last thing they want to do when they get home for the day is work on a marketing campaign.

Also, in order to snag the business of the house next door, you have to strike while they iron’s hot. This means, you can’t spend 2 weeks at the printer getting a direct mail campaign started. You’ll be done with your current job and waiting for the next to inquire.

A couple of cool apps are now available that give you the ability to do small businesses local marketing on the go – both quickly and timely – and yes, one of them is from QuantumDigital.

Blazing Tours – an app that allows you to use your smart phone to record, edit, and publish a video tour of your job.

QuantumCards – QuantumDigital’s iPhone app that allows you to use your smart phone to snap a photo of your job, create a postcard featuring that photo and custom messaging, and mail it to highly-targeted households in the surrounding neighborhoods.

Backed by a narrowly defined target audience and mobile technology, direct marketing campaigns are becoming easier, more cost-effective, and more timely. Business owners now have the freedom and flexibility needed to truly own their market and quickly generate the next set of qualified leads.


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