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Integrated Marketing is Key to Developing Your Business

Posted by Luis Paez on August 5th, 2009

I came across this video from Stormy Dean, where he poses a great thought about leveraging knowledge about your target market, and narrowing in on the type of marketing that could make the greatest impact.

YouTube Preview Image

Even though stormdawg‘s aim is toward small businesses, this advice should be heeded by businesses of all sizes.  I have referenced it on other posts, but want to emphasize it here as well.  Too often, brands are using just one or two types of marketing to advertise themselves.  Doing real analysis on your clients and customers will educate you on who they are (demographic profiles), where they are (geography, physical presences/ clustering maps) and most importantly, why they come to you.  IN ADDITION, using a blend of diferent marketing tools:  direct mail, email marketing, online ads, social media, event marketing, print collateral, etc.  reinforces your business in the minds of your potential clients/customers.  Using both analysis and integrated marketing creates a better picture of your customers and clients, increases the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and, of course, boosts business ROI.


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